• I will make repairing our roads my top priority. Developing the necessary corridors to relieve our traffic congestion is crucial. We are not a third world nation. Every state in the country has better roads than we have and many without a state sales tax or income tax.
  • I will make public safety one of my top priorities. We will not become a Salinas. Santa Cruz County will be a place criminals will fear to tread.
  • I will support our schools and library. Education is the key to our future success.
  • I will balance the budget and not raise taxes. We have done the “tax thing” before with all the promises that came with it, and what has it gotten us? If you cannot run government like a business, you have no business running government.
  • I will do everything I can to promote jobs by creating incentives and a friendly business environment. Businesses provide 80% of the tax revenue with only a 20% burden on services. We need to develop our commercial corridors to capture much needed tax dollars.


If you agree with Mark Esquibel’s Pledge…