Contaminated homeless encampments, sky-high taxes, needles everywhere, neglected roads, endless Highway 1 gridlock, “catch-and-release” for violent offenders, greedy out-of-town developers denying public access, a mental health crisis, and a billion dollar fantasy railroad bankrupting local taxpayers.

Is this the Surf City paradise that we grew up in? Enough is enough. Over 10 years of electing the status quo has taken its toll on our community. Everywhere around us, there are major challenges that go on ignored by the local political establishment. People have asked me, “Why are you running for this office?” So let me ask you this…are you better off now than you were a decade ago? If your answer is no, keep reading.

I have 20 years of experience in successfully managing hazardous and potentially life-threatening disasters. Having been raised by a single Mom, I value family and am a working father of three. In my early years, I served my community as a beach lifeguard assisting in ocean rescues. As a native son of Santa Cruz, I know I’m not alone in wanting to take pride in our hometown again.

It’s time for real representation, real change, and real results. Make your mark. Vote Mark Esquibel for Supervisor.

– Mark Esquibel